Sunday, July 26

The Only Medieval Shower I've Ever Needed

It's true, every medieval lot needs this shower. 

 When G-Knee of the Plumb Bob Keep released this shower for TS2 I thought it was pure genius, it ticks all kinds of boxes so I'm pretty thrilled to have it for TS4.  As you can see from the main picture above it's meant to sit through a wall and it will overhang on the other side, but that's ok because that's where the cork is to refill it (if that was actually possible-it'd love it to be so).  It's tuned so it can't be upgraded.

Find G-Knee's Shower HERE

Credits: G-Knee, simPE, Sims 4 Studio, Blender

What's More Boffo than a Crystal Ball?

A genuine Skull O' Yorick, that's what!  Functions as a Future Cube, non-default.

Thanks to stevenssimsstuff over at the Sims 4 Studio forum for the inspiration.  As this isn't a regular shape some of the finger placements might be a bit off, they change with each question, mood etc so it's really hard to make it perfect in each position.

Get it HERE

Credits: Chimerical, TSM, simPE, Gimp, Sims 4 Studio, Blender