Tuesday, July 7

Tarox Medieval Toilet

I have a list of priorities in converting my TS2 game to TS4 and this medieval toilet is one of them.  In TS2 any lot above peasant class would have this somewhere.  It was originally found at a site called Tarox, now long gone, which housed a plethora of fantastic historical content.  This object has had its geo-states removed, thanks to the tutorial over at the Sims 4 Studio Forum, and works just fine.   Two versions are now available, a basic and a tuned version

You can find it HERE

edit:  With the help of the folks over at the Sims 4 Studio forum I've managed to edit this toilet to make it even more medieval.  Sims won't flush this toilet, my sim also didn't automatically wash her hands as she usually does.  I've also disabled the ability to up-grade it and take a pregnancy test.
I don't think you can have both in your game at the same time, but I really don't know, anyway, I'm sure you only need one.

If you fancy the newly tuned medieval medieval toilet go HERE

Credits: Tarox, Sims 4 Studio, UVMapper, Blender, Gimp & simPE


  1. Thank you very much! I play with a medieval theme in my sims 2 and now sims 4 games and this will definitely help with the latter since there's not yet much options with appropriate cc in ts4.

  2. You're welcome, I'm happy others can get some use out of the stuff I convert.

  3. I do it, too... just playing medieval times, so thank you very much

  4. This is so great! I'm playing a history themed TS4 game and your stuff is the best for this!!!

  5. I'm happy you like my conversions, hope you find more stuff in the future to your liking too.

  6. Oh sweet Heaven you are a creator with a vision. I too want the very same thing to turn my TS2 medieval conversion game to TS4. I have been searching the web for wonderful creators such as yourself. I have so much enjoyed my converted TS2 medieval game thanks to people such as yourself and many other creators and here your are wanting the same thing, evolution of our technology has made it playable but somewhat difficult. I find it is sad to see my characters go and would love to find a way to move them into the new future of TS4 without any loss, but this I feel is a dream, so a remake is the best out come. Thankyou and thanks for sharing Regards Kaz from Sydney Australia.

  7. Thanks for this conversion! I use it all the time, just wanted to let you know I made some recolors here: